Assignment Of Speaking I – Dialog “Tourism Of Bau-Bau Town”

Ning   : Iin, do you know that our town has many interesting places?

Iin       : Yes, I do. I know about that. Why do you ask about it?

Ning   : I just want to know where is your favorite place here? I want to compare with my favorite place.

Iin       : My favorite place is in Keraton fortress.

Ning   : Why do you like it?

Iin       : Because from this fort, which still stands erect at the moment, you can find pleasure when you are in Keraton Fortress for looking around scenery of Bau-Bau  with the ships or boats sailing back and forth the Butonese strait. Besides that, you can also find a wide range of the historical relics of Butonese sultans.

Ning   : Oh, yeah. It sounds interesting. I have ever gone there, and it was really as a beautiful place like your explanation just you gave me.

Iin       : How about you? Where is your favorite place?

Ning   : Actually, I like all of places here. But, I prefer to Nirwana Beach.

Iin       : Do you like visiting there?

Ning   : Yes, of course.

So Amazing...^^

Iin       : Why? I think it is very hot there and the sun shine can make your skin become brown. Do you like having brown skin?

Ning   : Exactly, I don’t like if I have brown skin because I want to keep my skin like this.

Iin       : So, why do you like Nirwana Beach?

Ning   : Because Nirwana beach is very beautiful beach. It has white sand extending to 1 km and offers a fantastic and unforgettable sunset. On the other side of it, there is a rocky indentation used as a relaxed spot. Besides with relative smooth waves, it allows use go fishing, canoeing, skiing, diving, playing beach volleyball and other aquatic sport. It has also been equipped with several gazebos and some dressing room and rest houses are also available.

Iin       : It is so fantastic. I have ever gone there but it was not as good as right now yet.

Ning   : Yeah, current situation of Nirwana Beach is better than the first. So, where is other favorite places besides Keraton Fortress?

Iin       : Oh, I like Samparona.

Ning   : Samparona??? Where is it? Because I just heard that place.

Iin       :  Samparona is located in Sorawolio subdistrict, 13 km from Bau-Bau. You can get there on foot going through and narrow trail across some rice fields and plantations, as well as dense tropical rain forest. It is located around 7 km of the main road from Bau-Bau to Pasarwajo. The high of waterfall has almost one-hundred meter and it can make you happy after a long walk. It is a big challenge for those who love adventure. Besides, it offers its cool air and a beautifull rain forest as well as the miscellaneous kinds of exotic birds.

Ning   : Wow, it is amazing, but I think it sounds dangerous. Furthermore, I don’t like an adventure journey. Huh, I can’t imagine if I do like you do. Maybe, I’ll get tired and I can’t reach the waterfall.

Iin       : Ouch, unfortunately, I want to invite you to go there with me next weekend.

Ning   : Thanks, but maybe I can’t go with you next time, because I’m not ready yet.

Iin       : So, if you don’t like adventure, where do you want to visit while on holiday in addition to the beach?

Ning : I want to go in Lakasa Cave because I never go there. I just can see it in tourism guidebook of Bau-Bau town. It is very beautiful. Based on the tourism guidebook, it tells that Lakasa cave has a unique and beautiful stalactite and stalagmite have hundreds or even thousands of years old. When we enter the mouth of the cave is a journey that quite impressive due to the slippery condition of the cave so that the necessary equipment such as ropes and flashlights. This object is located in Sulaa, Betoambari district, 9 km from downtown of Bau-Bau.

Iin       : It sounds like an adventure. But, did not you do not like an adventure?

Ning   : Yeah, I don’t like it. But, I think trip to the Lakasa Cave is not as difficult as trip to Samparona. So, it’s better for me to visit Lakasa Cave than Samparona.


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