Assignment of Writing I, My Daily Activities

I have daily activities. I usually get up at 05.00 o’clock. Then I go to the toilet and I take ablution for praying. After praying, I usually learn about subject matter that will be learnt in class. So, it can improve my comprehension about the subject.

Because I am a student in university, I have class from Monday to Saturday and it has different time. So, I have to be able to adjust my time in accordance with my schedule.

On Monday and Tuesday, class begins the subject at 07.30 am. So, when it is 06.00 o’clock, I have to take a bath and leave my house at 07.00 o’clock. Sometimes, I don’t have breakfast. I go to campus by public car. I wait it in PDAM Buton Regency at Jalan Sultan Ikhsanuddin. I usually arrive in campus at 07.30 am. But, sometimes I come late because I am not discipline for the time schedule. I am aware about that. It is one of my bad habits and I must correct it to be better for my self and my future.

On Wednesday and Saturday, class begins about 09.00 o’clock. It makes me happy because I have time to have breakfast. I take a bath at 08.00 o’clock and I leave my house at 08.30 am. I wait public car in Jembatan Tengah because if I wait in PDAM Buton Regency, it needs a long time for getting public car. I don’t want to come late.

On Thursday and Friday, class begins at 02.00 pm. So, I take a bath at 01.00 pm. I leave my house at 01.30 pm and I wait public car at different place. It is in SMK Negeri 1 Bau-Bau, or SMEA. I have three places for waiting public car.

When class is finished, I go home. But, sometimes, if I am still lazy to go home, I stop in my grandfather’s house for a moment, just want to visit my grandfather.

In afternoon, after taking a bath, I usually help my mother in the kitchen. If I have spare time, I go to Istana Ilmiah or Diknas for browsing internet and in the night, at 07.00 pm until 09.00 pm, it is time for studying and doing my assignment from the lecturers. I watch television programs at 09.00 pm until 11.00 pm and then I go to bed because I am sleepy and I want to sleep for facing next day.


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