Theories of Learning

1. Determine learning goals
2. Analyzing the current environment of this class include identifying prior knowledge of student (entry behavior).
3. Determine the subject matter
4. Breaking the subject matter  into small parts, including subject, topic.
5. Presenting the subject matter
6. Giving stimulus, it can be question, both oral and written questions, tests / quizzes, exercises, or tasks.
7. Observe and assess the responses given by students.
8. Giving reinforcement (perhaps positive / negative reinforcement), or punishment.
9. Giving a new stimulus.
10. Observe and assess the responses given by students.
11. Giving continued observation or punishment
12. So forth.
13. Evaluation of learning outcomes.

1. Determining learning goals
2. Identifying  the characteristics of students.
3. Choosing the subject matter
4. Determining the topics that can be learnt.
5. Determining the learning activities in accordance with topic
6. Developing learning materials.
7. Developing methods and stimulating the student creativity.
8. Always be done applying
9. Doing Assessment of learning process and outcomes.

1. Determining learning goals
2. Determining the learning material
3. Entry behavior
4. Identifying the lesson topics.
5. Designing learning facilities such as environmental and instructional media
6. Guiding students in active learning
7. Guiding students to understand the essence of the meaning of the learning experience.
8. Guiding students in applying new concepts to real situations.
9. Guiding students to make the conceptualization of learning experiences.
10. Evaluating processes and outcomes of learning.


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