This is my first experience to be a translator. I’m aware that I’m still too young for this job. But, I have to believe, I can do this well because when we believe it, it can happen automatically.


I was a translator when there was KYUNGPOOK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (KNU) students from South Korea came in Bau-Bau, 13th – 25th July 2010. The total of members is 80 people. There were 4 teams. Each team has 18 students and 2 lecturers. They taught in schools. They are in SMAN 1 Bau-Bau, SMAN 2 Bau-Bau, SMAN 4 Bau-Bau, and SMAN 6 Bau-Bau. The students taught Korean Language, English, IT, Taekwondo, and Recreation. And I got the KNU Team for SMAN 1 Bau-Bau.

There are some important points that must be had by a translator, they are like these:

  1. Being a translator must have self confidence. That’s main key. English is also important, but I think it is just the support for being a translator. When we have had it, we can do the job well.
  2. We must appear the leadership in our own self because we are the leader in that team. Translator doesn’t not only translate everything, but also have to manage all of our tourists need. Make sure everything is well. The translator must have the sensitivity. This is one of my difficult jobs. But, I enjoyed this because I have a dream to be a guide or translator. ^^
  3. The translator must be an initiator and a decision maker. If we get some problems, we have to be able to get the solution to solve the problem. We shouldn’t find cause of problem first. It will be done after the problem can be solved. So, the translator must have a mature thinking about the problem that will appear later. Don’t wait the problem comes. That’s why the translator should be smart to see the situation that will happen.
  4. Be a translator, we must build communication line among others translators, our team, our coordinators, and other parties concerned. Basically, we are team. We must have a good coordination. By building communication line among them, it can make easy our work.
  5. If we get problem, the translator must be calm. Don’t be panic.
  6. The translator must be strict with the tourist about dress code or attitude that be forbidden to be done in certain places. So, give them explanation about that well.
  7. The translator must have a strong mental. Whatever people say to us, especially it’s a bad comment, don’t care about that. Keep doing our best as long as it’s good for us and our work.
  8. Don’t forget to always keep good our name, our city, our government, our country.
  9. In making conversation, we must avoid the repetition.
  10. The translator must give a lot of attention for the tourist, and then they can feel they are safe with us.

Thus, some important points that we must take notice about being a good translator. The professionalism must be improved and then we will be one of the best translators in this world. ^^ (wow… over…!!! Hohoho…). I hope my writing can be useful for you all and thanks for visiting my website and reading this article. Thank you… ^^

*thanks before for Kk ALiiii yang udah mo ngasih comment and kritikannya selama Ning jadi translator, buat para translator yg lain alias kk2 senior gw, thx byak udah ngasih msukan dan semangat buat tetap doing our best… 🙂

Ning, Kk Sabar, Ibu Siana, Kk Ali, Kk Heni, dan Kk Wiwik


  1. yup, that’s correct little sista. but i may correct a little bit point, based on your story above, you were not only a translator, but also a guide. Then its of course harder to become a guide rather than a translator. By so doing, you did a great job! Keep on searching and learning any possible experience to improve. Anyway, nice post!


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