The Way of Learning English

Talking about the way of learning English. There are many ways to learn more about English. About its reading, speaking, writing, or listening. Actually, it’s depend on our self. Wanna learn English seriously or not. We must be a decision maker for our future.

Each person has different ways to learn something, especially in learning English.

I have some ways. They are:

  1. Stuck the paper that you have written. Maybe it’s vocabs, or song lyrics in English. And then, exercise your self or ability based on the written on the papers. Make some sentences, if it’s vocabs. Sing that English song, if it’s song lyrics. Automatically, it can help you to improve your pronunciation.
  2. Surrounding your self with English.
  3. Whatever you do, please say it in English. Don’t be shy to speak English. We are still students. I always remember my lecturer’s saying. She said that if you wanna learn English, please act like a child, must have self confidence. Like this, if the child still runs, and then falls. He will get up again. Keep doing activity.

I wanna write more about the way of learning English, but maybe I just give it to you all. I hope, it will help you friends to learn English. Keep spirit my beloved Friends… ^^


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