KNU (Kyungpook National University) In Bau-Bau City, Indonesia

This is my experience when I was a translator for the students of Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea. They came at 13th July 2010 in Bau-Bau City.

Before they came, I have gotten the name list of them. Wow, it was difficult to say them. And I thought, it would be difficult to memorize their name. But, I can do it. I could memorize them. I’m so happy. I can know them and make friends with them well. Thanks God.

When they arrived in harbor by Super Jet, they were the first team. I saw them; they are tall, beautiful, and handsome. I still remember they used the raincoat. They asked me, “Cantik? Cantik?, Apa Kabar?”. That’s moment I will never forget it.

In my team, KNU Team for SMAN 1 Bau-Bau, there was a translator of Korean – Indonesia, he is Randy Octamario. Then, he introduced me to the team leader and professors. Nice moment.

There were many local students that welcome their arrival. Next, we went to the Mayor’s home. The government of Bau-Bau presented the welcome party to them. It was awesome. After party, each team went to the homestay. We got in Adiguna Hotel. It’s near from my house. So, I could invite them to come in my house.

Ok. Maybe I have to introduce you, one by one the students of KNU.

We taught in school (SMAN 1 BAU-BAU), went to the market, MGM, the fruit traditional market, Kamali Beach, Nirwana Beach, RMB, Lakeba Restaurant, Tirta Rimba Waterfall, Keraton Fortress, The Little Bali (in Ngkaring-Ngkaring), Palabusa, Sorawolio, Puja Serata Market, GOLDEN, My house etc.

Many places that we went in Bau-Bau. I as their translator am very happy when I must accompany them to go everywhere they want. ^^ I miss you all my friends. ^^

I just hope one time we can meet again. Always good luck for you all.

And I’ll never forget the last day when we have to write the impression about us and then we said the hope until had the tart. So sweet. I like that moment. ^^

And special thanks for KNU TEAM for SMAN 1 Bau-Bau again. You are kind to me, and wanna make friend with me. I learnt many things from you. And I’m sorry if I can’t serve you all well.


11 thoughts on “KNU (Kyungpook National University) In Bau-Bau City, Indonesia

  1. um.. good~ nining~^^
    yes, first time we met,,, our team were wearing raincoat,,^^
    I can’t forget this moment and you & baubau citizen’s greeting,,,
    I’m so sad becuase I’m not good at using English,, so I can’t express my emotion by English,,
    But,, I hope that you know,, I’m very happy and thanks to,,, because I met Baubau & you nining!!^^
    Really,, I want that we meet again someday,,
    nining,, how about coming Daegu, South Korea? ^^
    Lastly,, Ninig , Thank you and don’t forget me and our team!
    and Keep in touch continue~~~

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