Kamali Beach

Icon of Kamali Beach

Kamali Beach is one of interesting places in Bau-Bau City. It’s near from Murhum Harbor. It’s located at the central of city, so it can access easily by everyone. Kamali Beach is the most favorite place that visited by society. Kamali beach has the big dragon statue and it has been an icon for Kamali Beach, I think. ^^

Kamali Beach has beautiful scenery because it’s located near from the sea. So we can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. We can use Kamali Beach to hold an event, like band festival, an exhibition, an opening ceremony, the art and culture performance, etc. Kamali Beach gets a multifunctional place.

At Sunday morning, we can do gymnastic, jogging while seeing the marine scenery. And at the afternoon, we can enjoy the food and the snacks that served by the seller. I figure out that Kamali Beach has been one of sources to go to the economic life the society around there, especially for the seller.

Many accessories sold in Kamali Beach at the night. Many games are rent for children, like Odong-odong, the bathing ball, the fishing, etc. All games make children happy when they are in Kamali Beach, especially at the afternoon and at the night.

Because right now is Ramadan, so people sell also fireworks. They sell until Ramadan ends. Yesterday, my friends and I went to Kamali Beach. We broke fast there, after that we saw there were fireworks, so we bought some fireworks. Hahaha. It was so funny. We haven’t had long time to meet together because our college is different. There are in Makassar, Surabaya, and here, Bau-Bau. So, it’s difficult for us to meet very often in Bau-Bau. Just vacation like this. After finishing our final examination and then we can meet again in Bau-Bau. ^^

Yeah, it’s Kamali Beach. It makes our journey in Bau-Bau more complete. Have fun there!!! ^^


5 thoughts on “Kamali Beach

    1. Aduuuhhh, aku malu… hehehe.. Nda denk…
      Bljr2 aja..
      Sgj pke b.ingg coz nnti dahilg b.inggQ. Kan tdk ganas 3bln libur gak bljr2. Nnt tmbh bego. Hohoho… Skali lg, mksh nah sob.ku sygzzz….

  1. hmmmmm,,,

    i miss this place so much ><

    mo ksanaaaa lage 😛

    nining harus jadi tour guide 🙂

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