Ass.of Writing : Transportation In Bau-Bau City

Baru aja nemuin kertas tugas gw waktu semester I, mata kuliah IIC (Integrated Intensive Course). Kita ditugasin untuk buat tugas Writing tentang Transportation sebanyak 3 paragraf. Sengaja gw sharing di blog ini sapatau aja ada teman-teman yang mau menjadikan tulisan gw sebagai referensi. Hehhee… Cekidot…

“Talking about public transportation in my city, I think it is good enough. There are many vehicles that often be used by society in Bau-Bau City, such as motorbike, car, bus, ferry, pedicab, plane, and ship. They give many advantages for us. By availability of public transportation, we can go everywhere easily with cheap fare or expensive fare.

We have many motorbike taxis, pedicabs, taxis and public cars. These are kinds of public transportation that often be used by us. They are available everywhere. Fortunately, there is no traffic jam here, so that we will not feel disturbed from condition like that.

Although we do not have traffic jam, but we have no good traffic light system yet. Because it is still disorder and needs improvement. Besides that, there are still many drivers of pedicab and motorbike taxi riders that break traffic regulations. I think, they must get more learning about traffic regulations, so that they know how to ride well. If so, it can lessen the traffic accident. And the last thing, our city should build more parking spaces that enable vehicles that want to park, for example at Laelangi Market, Lembah Hijau Field, Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University, and Asbabussalam Mosque. So, it will not disturb the traffic lane.”


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