Buton Island is one of islands in Indonesia. Although it is a small island but it has the interesting cultures. For this chance, I post an article about the cultural tradition of Buton. One of cultures in Buton Island is Dole-Dole.

Dole-Dole is a cultural tradition that still exists in the society of Buton. Dole-Dole is a word in Wolio language (Buton). It means rolling. This ceremony held for a child as a series of giving the name for him.

Historically, the implementation of Dole-Dole was begun from Sipanjonga (One of people from Mia Patamiana – the founder of Buton – Wolio Kingdom) in those days. Sipanjonga and his wife, Sibaana (Simalui’s sister) had a son, Betoambari. He always got sick, so Sipanjonga held the medicinal treatment ceremony for Betoambari. After the ceremony, Betoambari got better. That ceremony is called Dole-Dole.

Based on the experience, Sipanjonga asked for the next, the children had to be done Dole-Dole. Because of Dole-Dole, the children can be protected from various kinds of diseases.  Apparently, it is still held most of the Buton society today as one manifestation of their traditions.

The procession of this ceremony is led by BHISA (an old woman) where a child is placed on the nyiru (like a flat basket) that based with banana leaves that spread coconut oil. Next, child is rolled on the banana leave until he has oily body. This ceremony is held at Rajab, Sya’ban, and after Lebaran’s Day as a time is considered good.


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