TIRTA RIMBA : The Waterfall in The City

Waterfall. One of the most beautiful phenomena in nature. And in my city, Bau-Bau City has waterfalls. They are Tirta Rimba and Samparona Waterfall. But, for this time I just tell about Tirta Rimba because I’ve ever go there and I looked it directly. Hehehe. Check this out.

Tirta Rimba is one of waterfalls that be in Bau-Bau City, Buton Island, Indonesia. It’s located in Kokalukuna District, around 4 kilometers from the midtown. We can go there easily because it can be accessed by transportation. Besides that, Tirta Rimba still has a forest, so this waterfall is cool and interesting :). Many people come here to relax themselves.

I like at the rainy season because the waterfall is full of water. Tirta Rimba, the waterfall in the city… Hohoho…

When it’s holiday, My family and I usually go there. Furthermore, the location of this waterfall isn’t too far from my house.


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