Scenery in Porch of My House


My house is My Palace. This sentence is true for me. I have a small house. I like the scenery in my house. Many people come in my house say that it is good and has beautiful scenery. But, I think it is ordinary. Hehehe.

Maybe I’ve told about my house in previous article. But, it’s no problem. This is my own blog. So, I can write everything I want although I must repeat it again…

I just uploaded a video in YouTube. It’s about the scenery from my house. This is one of my favorite parts in my house, in the porch. In front of the porch, there is an island, namely Pulau Makasar. It’s still Baubau City region. Every year in July, it’s always held Festival Perairan Pulau Makasar there (FPPM).

Check this out.


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