Happy Birthday, RaghiL!!!

For Wa Ode Azzahra. Our beloved friend. 🙂


This is your birthday. December 7th, 2010.

You aren’t in Baubau now. But, it’s not the reason not to give you our best gift. Mey and I have a special something to you… Although this gift won’t make your December beautifully. Check this out… 🙂

That is our hand made *aliaaassss ibu kost yang buat denk… Hehehe…

We don’t buy the tart cake because it’s like you. A friend can’t be bought, but friend must be made from our heart to get the true friend, like you.

Mey said:

Happy Birthday, Gilong…

Jangan pernah bosan untuk terus mencoba.

Semoga apa yang kamu cita-citakan bisa terkabul.

Dan semoga persahabatannya kita kekal selamanya.


Jangan lupa belajar di sana, sholat, makan dan jaga kesehatan.

Semangat terus.

Kangen sama kamu.

Maaf jarang temani kamu kalau pulang di sini. L

Mey sayang Agil… ^^

Happy Birthday, Sobatku.

Jadi orang yang tambah dewasa. Okey… ^^


Ning said:

I can say nothing much for your birthday.

Just a wish in order that you will always do your best for yourself, family, friends, and people who love you and always be the best friend for me. Oh, not. Not friend, but sister-friend. Hehehe.

You aren’t only the best friend, but also my best sister for me.

When you cried, I could feel that and we cried together. Do you still remember that moment?

When you were happy. Me, too.

When we made enemy, we didn’t talk each other. Like unacquainted friend.

When we laughed together,

When we walked together from school and stopped in Sarah’s house.

When you spent the night in my house and I did, too.

Working homework until it was late night.

Give support each other.


Always together.

Thanks for you, Azzahra. 🙂

For your kindness.

For your loyalty.

For your advices.

For your happiness.

For your sadness.

For your help.

For your careness.

For your smile.

For everything…

For 7 years I’ve known you, made friend with you…

Happy Birthday, Raghil…!!!

You are always here, in my heart.

Mmmmuuaaccchhh… *hehehe…


Once more again:

Happy Birthday for you, Raghil.

We LOVE you…


Wanna watch our videos??? Cekidot… :p


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