Unidayan Students Go Tour to Katembe Beach, Buton Island


I have Tourism subject in this semester. Actually, this is for seventh semester, but I take it in third semester. The lecturer of Tourism is Mr. La Ode Safulin, S.Pd., M.Pd. For the final examination of  Tourism is TOUR. We decided to go to tour in Katembe Beach.

Katembe Beach

On Sunday, January 23, 2011, the students of Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University that had Tourism subject had the tour to Katembe Beach. We were about 60 students. As information, Katembe Beach is located in Madongka Village. It is far from Baubau. We have to across and use ferry to get there.

We met in ferry port at 06.30 A.M. because ferry would leave Baubau at 07.00 A.M. But the fact, we had to wait about 30 minutes more until there was direction from lecturer that we had to go to ferry and lastly, we left Baubau by ferry at 07.57 A.M. *according to the time in my mobile phone. In ferry, I took a seat at the corner because it was a window, so I could see the marine scenery and Baubau City view from ferry and it made me easy to take pictures of them. They were beautiful.

At 08.21 A.M. ferry had been in Wamengkoli. There was a ferry port and same as in Baubau. Then, we gathered in one place, still in one of areas in ferry port. Lecturer started to divide groups. Each groups had 10-12 students and I got 2nd group. Here the members’ name: Nining Syafitri (me), Wa Ode Jelly, Ety Amalia Emba, Sri Marlin, Aroyan, Nurmin, Sayuti Amrau, La Jetty, Wd. Nurima, Farida Ariani, Nurmayanti, we are from 3rd semester and the leader was Mr. Usman, from 7th semester.

After making the groups, lecturer gave us some directions that we would use public cars to go to Katembe Beach. There were 6 public cars. As long as we were on the way, we stopped in 3 spots, but we just did in 2 spots. In both of spots, we had to walk together, made a line, took pictures at some beautiful areas and there was a cameraman who took our activities with his camera, he did shooting of a documenter film based on our tour. So fun!

We arrived in Katembe Beach at 09.30 A.M. Wow, what an awesome beach! In addition, the weather was great. Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah.

We got direction again from Mr. Ashar. We were asked to make a meeting. In a meeting we had to introduce our self and gave the impression about our experience in Katembe Beach for 20 minutes. As long as we had meeting, we must get movies camera again. It was meant that we had to give some reports about our groups and impression about our feeling when we had been being in Katembe Beach. Not only me, but also my friends got the turn to report that. Suddenly, our lecturer visited us for seeing our activities. And I didn’t forget to ask him for taking photos together our group. Yippy, interesting activity!

With Pak Safulin, our lecturer

After that, we were free to do everything. We didn’t pass this chance with the empty activity. We talked each other and took photos as many as possible with many styles we had. It was funny, happy, great, but hot. Yeah, the weather was hot. But, I didn’t know, I just enjoyed that situation happily with my friends. I admitted that the scenery of beach is still the best. The blue sky, white clouds, blue sea with breaking of waves, white sand, the line of coconut trees, and great weather, all of them were like the most important requirement to make our sight almost perfect about the best scenery. Subhanallah. Once more again, thanks Allah.

When it was 10.52 A.M. we had a meal. Because of Ning (me) didn’t have breakfast yet, so I regarded it was my breakfast and the dessert was a glass of fruit ice. Delicious breakfast! After that, we continued our activity, took photos again, again, and again. In the middle of it, I was pulled Amar and friends, they had a plan to make me wet in the sea, but I could escape from them. Hmm, I had to struggle by my own self to escape from their bad planning.

At first, we planned to leave Katembe Beach at 05.00 P.M., but we felt it was so long time. So, we left Katembe Beach at 01.00 P.M. and arrived in ferry port at 01.48 P.M. We thought that we had been arriving in the port; ferry was ready to leave Wamengkoli. Unfortunately, we had to wait again about an hour. While waiting ferry, we tried to find an adorable place, and we found a little beach. It was near from the port. As usual, we took photos again. And I saw there were some boats that come in the seashore, they brought some big fishes, like flying fish. My friend and I got opportunity to take photos with those fishes. But, they were fishy. Uh, so fishy!

In beach near ferry port in Wamengkoli
Big Fishes

Ferry had come at 03.00 P.M. and left port at 03.23 P.M. In ferry, I had a seat with Ety and Royan. We laugh together because we saw photos again when we were in Katembe Beach. We succeed to collect about 486 photos and 5 videos. Great! Wonderful! Amazing!  At 03.49 P.M. we had arrived in ferry port in Baubau and then we kept a part and went home each other. Finally, our tour in Katembe Beach has finished and it made me tired enough, but no problem, I enjoyed the tour. What a fantastic day!


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