Assignment : The Daily Activities

Ada teman sekantor minta tolong bantuin kerja tugasnya tentang Daily Activity… Sekali jadi dua buah tugas… HUaaaa… *itung-itung latihan Writing… Gak apa-apalah.

This is it…

My Daily Activities

In a day, I have many activities that I must do.

I wake up at 04.30 a.m. Afterwards I wash my face and take ablution. I always do the Fajr prayer.

I have breakfast and read newspaper before working. At 08.45 a.m. I go to work. I usually ride the motorcycle to work. I always check my emails when I get to work, but I do not always reply to them immediately.

When I am at my desk, I usually work on the computer. At 01.00 p.m. I have lunch and at 03.00 p.m. I have talking and eating cake with my co-workers.

When I am in the office, I probably have a lot of papers. It is important for me to file the papers, so I can find them again if I need to organize my files. When I work, I have to make telephone calls. If an important issue happens, I ask my secretary to organize a meeting. Once a month I report to my boss about the work. I usually write a document that my boss can read.

After working, I go back to home. I feel tired and decide to take a rest. I am not only a civil servant, but also a university student. So, when it is night, I have to go to the college to have a class. I am in the college until 11.00 p.m.

When the class finishes, I sometimes go around the city before going home with my friends. If it is midnight, I directly go home and go to bedroom. Then I sleep because I am very sleepy and tired.


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