Lawero in English for Good English

One of programs in Lawero Radio is Lawero in English. It is scheduled twice a week, on Sunday at 11.00 a.m. and Wednesday at 07.30 p.m. The topic in this program talks about Tourism on Sunday and news that still regarded interesting enough to discuss on Wednesday. As the broadcaster, Miss Titin, said via SMS, “For Sunday, the topic should about tourism. ” Each days has different topics.

left to rght. bambang,vivy,iin,jelly

Lawero invites some guests to join in this program, such as students of Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University and people who have ability in English. This program is possible for people who want to learn English because they can improve their English. This gets good responses from either the guests or the listener. “This program is good for increasing how to speak English, good comprehension in grammar, getting more knowledge and we can be known by many people surely,” said Wa Ode Jelly, one of guests of Lawero in English. Also, Sri Marlin, as the guest also, explained that this program is exteremely good to improve our skill in English. We can share how to learn English well to other people in order to not feel boring.

 Still from student of UNIDAYAN, Vivy Luviana, a guest in Lawero in English when interviewed in campus, said, “It is good, impressive. Personally, I like the broadcaster, Miss Titin. She is friendly, has good material, good questions, can manage and guide the guests to give each their opinions. Also, the room is nice. ”

Not only the guests, but also the listener, likes listening this program in Lawero. For instance, Bambang Permadi stated that if we join there, it can improve our skill in speaking and vocabularies we have gotten. He thought of the guest, when it is only one person, it will be boring. Moreover, if there is a question, he will answer with different answer.

Last, Lawero in English is expected in order that can help and give motivation for people who have big desire to be success in English and hopefully, this program can develop and become popular with always doing creatively and having innovation to rise the interest of English for all people in Baubau especially.


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