Making a Play: A Blogger Girl

A Blogger Girl

There is a girl who likes browsing internet. It can be said that her second world is cyber world. Laptop and modem have been important parts in her daily life. Even she can forget time to be in real life. Of course, since she knows blog, her life changes. Blogging has been her favorite activity. Writing, writing, and writing. Then, she has a dream that one day she could be a writer like her favorite writer, Raditya Dika. Will her life be better or not?  Will her dream come true?

Part I

At 07.00 a.m. in her room.

Kring… kring… kring… (The alarm is ringing).

Tyas is still sleeping.

A few minutes later.

Kring… kring… kring… (The alarm is ringing again)

Mom   : (Opening the door) Tyas, wake up! It is 07.00 a.m. o’clock.
Tyas     : Hummm. Yeah, Mom! (Still on the bed)
Mom   : This is Monday. Don’t you go to school?
Tyas     : Today is Sunday, Mom. It is still holiday.
Mom   : Not, dear. It is Monday.
Tyas     : Don’t lie to me, Mom. I know you said like that in order I get up early and help you, don’t I?
Mom   : Whatever. Maybe you should check the day for today on your mobile phone.

After talking with Tyas, Mom goes. Only Tyas is in her room.

Tyas     : (While checking the day on her mobile phone, she is shocked) What??? Is it Monday? My Mom is right. It is Monday. Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! What must I do? Time, time, time. What time is it? (She is panic while seeing at the clock)

Mom comes again into Tyas’ room, while Tyas is still taking a bath.

Mom   : Tyas, where are you? I am right, aren’t I?
Tyas     : I’m here, Mom. I’m in the bathroom. I’m in hurry. I hate this.
Mom   : Continue your bathing. I will see you off to the school.
Tyas     : Yes, Mom.

After a few minutes later, Tyas is already ready to go to school.

Part II

At her school.

Tyas                 : Good morning!
Teacher           : Good morning! Come in! You are late again, Tyas. You have not joined the ceremony twice.
Tyas                 : Yes, Mom. I know that. I’m sorry.
Teacher           : Why do you always come late? You have schedule for the subjects, don’t you?
Tyas                 : Yes, Mom. I have it.
Teacher           : So, give me your reasonable reason, please!
Roni                 : (Hand up) Mom, Tyas always comes late because she is lazy.
Teacher           : Roni, stop talking!
Tyas                 : Enggg… I… I… I slept at midnight last night, Mom.
Teacher           : It is not good for you, Tyas. What did you do last night? I do not give you any assignments, do I?
Tyas                 : Of course, not. This is my fault. I did blogging last night, Mom. I forgot the time. And I just realized that it was at 02.00 a.m.
Teacher           : I understand for your hobby, but you should sleep at right time. Don’t make your body tired because of your activity.
Tyas                 : Yes, Mom. Thanks for your attention to me.
Teacher           : Don’t mention it. Well. Students, we continue our study.

Part 3

After class, Tyas and Aghil go to library. They have own interest to go there. Tyas with her laptop want to blog and Aghil with her books want to read.

Aghil                : What will you write today?
Tyas                 : (Still typing on the laptop) Mmm… It is about our teacher.
Aghil                : What? Don’t say to me that you want to embarrass you and her on your blog. You are a candid girl, so you look like a foolish girl with your writing.
Tyas                 : Really?
Aghil                : Yeah. You are funny. I always read some articles on your blog and they always make me laughing.
Tyas                 : It is good news for me. Finally, I can make people laughing with my stories. Oh, yeah, I forget something. Do you know?
Aghil                : No, I don’t know. You don’t tell me something at all.
Tyas                 : (Laughing) Ok. Ok. Do you know? My blog got The Indonesian Blog Award last week. I was surprised. It was unbelievable.
Aghil                : Sure? Congratulation for you! I am happy to hear that.
Tyas                 : Thank you, Aghil. (Tyas hugs Aghil)
Aghil                : You are welcome. But, one thing that you must pay attention.
Tyas                 : What is that?
Aghil                : You must be able to manage your time, Tyas. If you are still like this, I’m sure, the teacher doesn’t permit you anymore to come in her class. The teacher will get mad at you, the teacher will …
Tyas                 : Stop… Stop… Stop saying it to me. You make me afraid. Okay. I’ll try it.

Part 4

Tyas and Aghil walks from library.

Roni                 : Hi, girls. Where did you go? I didn’t see you.
Tyas                 : It is not your business. (Tyas is still angry to Roni because he answered the question from the teacher for her)
Roni                 : Tyas? Are you still angry to me? Oh, Gosh…!!!
Aghil                : Roni, you should go from here before we fight you. Go, go, go! (Aghil fights Roni)
Roni                 : Don’t do like that. Calm down, calm down. I will go. But, accept my apology first, Tyas.
Aghil                : Go, go, go, go! (Aghil fights Roni again)
Tyas                 : Insya Allah.
Roni                 : One more, one more. Before I go, I will congratulate for you, Tyas. You have won The Indonesia Blog Award. It is one of great achievements for you.
Tyas                 : Where do you know that news?
Roni                 : Your blog is funny. So, I will always open it if I am online. You have written about that, haven’t you?
Tyas                 : Oh, yeah. I forgot. I have written it.
Aghil                : Ehem… I am here. I am with you, Tyas. I am not stone, guys.
Roni                 : Wow! Apparently, the old witch has been angry to me. I should go from here soon. Bye…!!! Maybe you can print out the contents of your blog to be a book. (Roni screams and gives his thumb up to Tyas)

Part 5

The class is over, so they go home together by foot.

Tyas                 : Maybe I must follow the advice from Roni about printing out the contents on my blog. How is your opinion, Ghil?
Aghil                : It is good idea, Tyas. You must try it. Why not?
Tyas                 : OK. How kind of you.
Aghil                : It is my pleasure.

At home, in the afternoon day Tyas has prepared everything that she will bring in some publishers. She is waiting Aghil.

Tyas                 : I should check all before going. The manuscript, it is done. The identity card is done. Mobile phone is done. Okay, everything is OK. Now, I just wait Aghil. Where is she now?
Aghil                : Hi. I’m here. Let’s go.
Tyas                 : Yeah, wait me, please. Mom, I go.
Mom               : Be careful!

Part 6

In a publisher named PT. Graha Med.

Aghil waits Tyas outside.

Aghil                : (Waving her hands) Tyas. Tyas. I’m here. How is that manuscript?
Tyas                 : They refuse my manuscript. Hmm… Again, again, and again.
Aghil                : Don’t give up easily, Tyas. I am with you. Spirit!
Tyas                 : Where must we go anymore? We have done 3 times to come in some publishers and they really refused with my manuscript.
Aghil                : Aha! We go to GMed. Maybe they will accept your manuscript.

In GMed,
Aghil waits Tyas again.
Tyas                 : Aghiiiiiiiillll. (Tyas runs to Aghil)
Aghil                : Why? You look so happy.
Tyas                 : My manuscript is accepted.
Aghil                : Really? It’s great. Your sacrifice is not useless.
Tyas                 : GMed asked me to come again and we will talk about the publishing of my book tomorrow.
Aghil                : Huaaa… I’m happy for you.
Tyas                 : So, don’t give up so easily! Keep studying, keep writing, do creatively, and trust that we can do the best for our self. Once more, thank you, Ghil. You always support me when I am down.

 Then, Tyas’ book has been published that entitles “Crazy Things in Tyas’ Daily Life” and her book becomes best seller in bookstores. Finally, she can achieve her dream to be a writer. At the same time, she tries not to waste time, to come to school on time, and not to sleep at midnight. She changes better than yesterday.

The End

 *Get inspiration from Raditya Dika. 🙂


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      1. Good! How about you??
        I think your English is well improved!!
        Now, I make an effort to write English better like you. :)

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