Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University’s Profile

Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University (Unidayan) is the first private university in Baubau, South East Sulawesi Province, Buton Island. It was built in 1982.

The founders this university are Drs. H. La Ode Manarfa, Drs. La Ode Malim and some figures of Buton society. When they were in Jakarta, they had initiative to find a university in Baubau for increasing the education quality and human resources in Buton and surrounding.

According to the founders, there are some reasons to find Unidayan in Buton at the time. They are:

  1. The graduated youths in senior high school have to continue their study outside region in Kendari, Makassar, and Java.
  2. To continue the study outside it needs high cost and it will give heavy burden to parents. In general, the economic life of Buton society was still low.

So, in 1982 the Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University Foundation was formed on January 23rd, 1982. Here are the foundation founders:

  1. Drs. H. La Ode Manarfa
  2. Drs. La Ode Malim
  3. Ny. Hj. Wa Ode Daawiah Manarfa
  4. Ir. H. Abdul Madjid Sarah
  5. Ny. Hj. Wa Ode Almama Manarfa Madjid
  6. Ir. Madjid Ige

Unidayan is one of universities in Indonesia that has vision and mission for itself, people, and country.

Unidayan visions are it will be superior and leading university in implementation Tri Dharma University at 2025; it will produce the best graduates that have good morals, cultured graduates, insightful, science technology-enabled, and ability to be independent in developing science technology in National and Humanity Development.

Unidayan missions are helping the government in increasing human quality and quantity through the implementation of education, research, and dedication of society with resource utilization that it has optimally; educating students so they are being good morals and cultured people and enable to be leader according to their professions that they choose; and encouraging the creation of togetherness between the academic community and all Unidayan people, so it forms a high interdependence with lifting, keeping, and respecting each other.

Also, Unidayan has special characteristics, “Moral and Culture” and based on “Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution”.

The first rector was Drs. La Ode Malim, from 1983 until 1985. The second rector was Drs. H. La Ode Manarfa, from 1986 until 2002. The third rector was Ir. H. Abdul Madjid Sarah, 2003. And now the rector is La Ode Muhammad Arsal, S.Sos., M.Si.

 Registered license for Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University was obtained in 1986, according to Decree of Education and Culture Minister No. 0533/O/1986 on August 5th, 1986. Then, it was reshuffled again according to notarial deed from Kasim Siruhu, S.H. No. 25 May 22, 1995, as follows:

–          Advisor                                : Drs. H. La Ode Manarfa.

–          Chairwoman                       : Wa Ode Maasra Manarfa Sjamsul Qamar, S.Sos.

–          First Head                           : dr. H. L.M. Izzat Manarfa, M.Sc.

–          Second Head                       : Wa Ode Muzida Asis, S.Sos.

–          First Secretary                    : Hj. Wa Ode Zalmat Manarfa, S.H.

–          Second Secretary                : Drs. Rasiu

–          First Treasurer                    : Hj. Wa Ode Almama Abdul Madjid Sarah

–          Second Treasurer               : L.A Banioe

–          President Commissioner    : Ir. Abdul Madjid Sarah (resigned in October 2002)

–          Member                             : Hj. Wa Ode Daawia Manarfa

Unidayan has one rector and three vice rectors. They are La Ode Muhammad Arsal, S.Sos, M.Si (Rector), Dr. Ir. H. Sulhan Manaf, M.Si (Vice Rector I), Rahmatia, S.Pd, M.Pd. (Vice Rector II), and Drs. H. Yusri Bau, M.Si (Vice Rector III).

On the other hand, Unidayan has 7 faculties, 15 courses for undergraduate (S1) that we can choose if we want to continue our study here. They are:

1. Economics Faculty, with the dean is Rafiuddin, S.E, M.Si.

It has two courses: Business Management and Accountancy.

2. Social Science and Politics Faculty, with the dean is Prof. Dr. Asmiddin, M.Si.

It has two courses: Public Administration and Sociology.

3. Teacher Training and Education Faculty, with the dean is Drs. Anwar, M.Pd.

It has four courses: English Department, Mathematics Department, Economics Department, and History Department.

4. Fisheries Faculty, with the dean is Ir. Musrif, MP.

It has two courses: Aquaculture and Agro technology.

5. Law Faculty, with the dean is Wa Ode Zamrud, S.H., M.Hum.

It has one course: Jurisprudence.

6. Engineering Faculty, with the dean is Ir. H. L.M. Syamsul Qamar, M.T.

It has three courses: Civil Engineering, Machine Engineering, and Information and Communication Engineering.

7. Public Health Faculty, with the dean is dr. H. L.M. Izat Manarfa, M.Sc.

It has one course: Public Health.

 Among 17 courses above, 11 courses have gotten accreditation from University National Accreditation Body (BAN-PT) DIKTI since 2006 and 2007, the rest of them have gotten operating license from DIKTI. Since 2007, Unidayan also has had education programs, they are Local Government Administration and Financial Administration for postgraduate (S2). Moreover, Unidayan has 148 lecturers from all faculties: 79 lecturers for undergraduate (S1), 66 lecturers for S2, and 3 lecturers for S3.

 For the education costs today, students who take exact department must pay as much as Rp. 1.200.000 per semester and students who take non-exact department must pay as much as Rp. 1. 150.000 per semester. Every student is obligated to pay the contribution of development as much as Rp. 1.500.000. Meanwhile, Unidayan provides the scholarship for students not only who have good achievements, but also who have low economic background. It is purposed to stimulate the increasing of achievement from the students. There are Academic Achievement Increasing Scholarship (PPA), Student Studying Help Scholarship (BBM), Student Education Help Scholarship (BPM), Supersemar Scholarship from Supersemar Foundation, Extracurricular Achievement Increasing Scholarship, and Scholarship for Unidayan best graduate.

For the facilities, they should be improved, especially for the library and laboratory. The library building must be bigger and it should add more books. So, it can support the interest and ability from the student itself. Also, the quality of lecturers must be increased, so we can get the professional lecturers then we can know how to teach professionally later, especially in Teacher Training and Education Faculty. In addition, the bidding system must be better because it does not have the standardization for the subject what we want to take in higher semester.

Last, Unidayan as a good university in Baubau, it is expected to always improve the facilities, infrastructures, and the students and lecturers qualities. Then, it will be better and get good responses from all people in this university to make Unidayan more familiar worldwide.



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