A Sentimental Night

I don’t know why this night I am being a sentimental girl.
I feel you. There is something wrong with you and I don’t want to force you to tell it to me.
I will let you not to tell me until you want by your self, without forcefulness.

I don’t want anything but you feel good always. Just it. Because your happy feeling and soul can make me smile from here although you won’t see how my heart is lucky to see you in happiness.

Tonight, with the tears, I feel you.
With some texts of us, do you know how I am now?
My tears fall again.
You don’t hurt me, but my feeling feels your feeling.
I just hope you’re going to be fine.

All problems you get, you said that if there is me, it will be fine. Prove it!
I hope you are not lie. About what you feel now. What you said to me. Coz I trust you.
I just need a smile and positive thinking about what become your problem. From you.
Yeah, You.
I’m here. To accompany you till I can’t do it.

Be fine there.
Don’t let the tears fall anymore.
Because you don’t hurt me.


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