The Day You and I Smiled and Laughed

The moment that I like is when you have to laugh and smile because of me. Because of my sayings, because of my expression, and because of my body gesture. Those all make me in peace. Looking at you in happiness like I’re in your soul. I’m fine when I have to look at you in every happiness that both of us create.

Source Picture: Google.

We were sitting down on the chairs. I were in front of you. I told my dream. And you were spontaneous to be happy. You gave me a big smile and I’s blushing. That’s nice, darl? Didn’t you know? I couldn’t describe my feeling at that moment. My thought was only you and me, as well as our happiness in the evening.

And tonight, although I can’t see you, I can be sure that you must smile and laugh. Yup. Because of me. A thousand romantic words I have sent to you and you tried to send me with the same thing. And we laugh each other in different place. My heart feels like that. I feel it’s funny, the stupid thing. It looks like silly but we enjoy what we do. Why not if that can create the happiness and laugh in us?

“Love must have. That’s why there are words MISS, LOYAL, JEALOUS, and BROKEN HEART. Let’s unity our hearts and ask the every soul of us are protected from hurt. We are made to be happy in a loving relationship and loyalty. We are made to be happy in a healthy life, long life, and good prosperity. Aamiin.” (Mario Teguh)

I feel there is a big hope in us, but we must remember again, we don’t know how is the ending of our story later. I hope there will be no hurt.

@Satnite and Sunday Night in early December with happiness among you, me, and them. 🙂


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