This is About You and Me, Tonight

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Satnite always comes to become a beautiful night for the couple. The day to take a rest and enjoy with the beloved one. When everyday we face the business in our place we work. The moment like satnite always be waited by some people who want to relax. And this thing is one of my mistakes because I couldn’t divide yet the time between working and enjoying the night with you.

You need me, but I sometimes ignore to be with you because of BUSINESS. There is still the important thing that I must do.Yup, because this is time to do my business, not besides you. I have tried to give my time for working and be with you but I may be still an egoist person. Still hold my principle that I must do this, my business. Yup. In this case, I’m fault. When I have to make first my business, not you. You will be angry to me and say to me that ‘Nothing happens. Then, we are silent, and just looking around us, no voice.’

Sometimes, I feel that I have to leave you because I’ll hurt you with my characteristics but you always hold me. And never let me go. Will we be like this forever if our heart hurt each other?

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Tonight, when I met you, I didn’t see the smile in you. Just a flat expression when you waited me in roadside. And I’re still with my friends across. You sent me message to wait me in your place because I’re long time to go with you. Then, I went to you, the happiness I hope, NOTHING. I only could ask why you looked bored. There is something wrong? And as usual, you said, ‘Nothing happen. Go with your friends. They wait you.’ I want to be mad, but I can’t. Because this is my fault. I think I’ve said that for this week, we shouldn’t meet each other because I’s still busy with my business and it could disturb you and me. And what I think HAPPENED.

I can’t be quiet for this problem. I have to write. I don’t know what I have to do for

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your happiness. One thing that I ask you… I don’t like if you are angry to me, you’ll be a silent one with the flat expression. That’s your way? This makes my heart hurt. Do you know that? 😥

I wanna you and me are fine. That’s all.


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