Morning Note in Keraton Fortress


One of my favourite acitivities when I feel bored is WALKING AROUND IN KERATON FORTRESS with my little sister.
There I can look at the green forest and sunrise in front of me, hear the singing of birds, breath the fresh air, feel the freedom of my self, and find the peace in me.

09122012(002)I think how lucky people who live here.
Everyday, every morning they can still breath the fresh air and have friendly neighbours.
That’s amazing mercy from Allah. Alhamdulillah.

09122012(003)I write like this, it doesn’t mean that I amn’t thankful for His luck to me, but I just want to say something that I must say and write down on my blog around me, what I think, what I see. Because this is great.
Will I get the moment like this later? When the era gets its progress for some years later.

I’m here like I don’t want to move.
I want to stop the morning. I like morning day.
It’s fun.
My mind is always cool.
Keep staying here and say ‘thankful very much to Allah. He is the Giver of All Favors.’

I see this beautiful scenery with using my glasses clearly. It seems gorgeous.
The peace in me.

When I have to think about you because of last night, this mind forces me to let my heart be sincere, whether my heart will hurt or not. I sincerely go.
I am too much hurt you. 🙂



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