A Junk Writing (Dream and Achieve It)

Alone in an internet cafe. No friend. Killing the time to wait something that be being downloaded. Yups. It’s hot. No AC, just a fan. But, it’s OK.

I think this is just the junk writing. Maybe from now I must write in English. That’s a suggestion from my lecturer, Miss. Nani Cahyani. She said that this activity (writing on blog by using English) can help you when you continue your study later and can expand your network (everybody can read the writing, not only Indonesian, but also Western people). That’s true. And I think, I can do. I believe with my dreams. I can achieve. Yup. Allah, bless me please. Aamiin.


Talking more about past, present and future with her, I feel that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE. We can reach what we want. Of course, we must work harder, never give up, keep learning. Hmmm… Saying is easy, and doing is hard. 😀 But, I believe, I CAN!!! Mangatseeee!!!


3 thoughts on “A Junk Writing (Dream and Achieve It)

  1. Miss Nining. Thanks for reminding me about the goal or the purpose of our life. Yeah, for doing the best. As you said earlied, if we can dream it, actually we can achieve and reach it. Thanks youuu, Miss. 😉

  2. may i quote a line from Cinderella’s song titled a dream is a wish your heart make:
    no matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come trueee….

    so. keep on believing and pursue your dream Ning.. :’)

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