I Met My Students

Yesterday afternoon I met my students when I got PPL II in SMAN 1 Baubau where the school is my ex-school. 🙂 I met them in Istana Ilmiah. They are Dayat, Ade and Febby. Yup, now they are in Second Grade. 🙂 They are smart students I think. SMART, KIND, and POLITE. 🙂 I’m happy to know with my nice students.

Students when PPL II. A nice moment!!!

First, I was doubt to say HELLO with them when they came together . Then, I paid attention to them, from they came in, until they set together in same line. While, I was talking with Miss Sari. Some minutes later, I’re brave to my self for being closer with them and said how’s their condition now, how’s about the school and etc. I think, they didn’t know me, but they still recognized me. 😀 Especially, Febby and Ade. For Dayat, he nearly didn’t recognize me because I have been using veil. 😀 Of course, I look like different person. More beautiful. 😀 Jiaahhh, over self confidence. *Allah, I’m sorry. But, thank ya. 🙂 You have believed me to keep your beauty in me. Alhamdulillah.

So, why they and I came in Istana Ilmiah? Because there are an event from CES (Creative English Society) that will be held @19-20 January 2013. They are Wall Magazine Competition for Senior high school and general; and Reading Text Competition for students in 1st grade of elementary school. And they attended the technical meeting for the competition of Wall Magazine.

Technical Meeting
Technical Meeting

Before technical meeting was started, we talked much about their school and their bussiness. And now, they are still organizing an event in their school, PRA OLIMPIADE. That’s annual event that must be held by OSIS SMANSA. Oh ya, FYI, the jacket of OSIS SMANSA is not black anymore but red. I’m curious actually to see the new jacket. 🙂 When we talked, there were a lot of laughing among us. And we took picture. I liked this moment. Took pictures.

Left2right: Dayat, Ade, Febby, Ning
Left2right: Dayat, Ade, Febby, Ning
Right2left: Pipin, Febby, Ade, Dayat.
Right2left: Pipin, Febby, Ade, Dayat.
With my spupet (Naca)

I nearly forget, Febby is one of bloggers too. Hahaha. I get one blogger again. 🙂 You can check her blog here. 🙂

So, the last. I hope you, my students, can do the best for this competition. I support you and give your best creativity. 🙂 Mangatse!!


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