Jepret-Jepret In the Wedding

With Aan

My friends and I were invited by my friend, Aan, to come in her old sister’s wedding. Actually, I would come with my group, Awainulu (KKN-P). But, they didn’t have any chance to go in this wedding party, so I went there with my friend, Mey. 🙂

With Mey

The wedding was held in Gedung Kemitraan Polres Baubau at noon (19 Jan.’13). By this chance, I knew the broom, but he doesn’t know me. 😀 He is Mr. Andy. As I know, he is the reporter. I know him because my sister, Arini, introduced him to me by photos when she followed one of events that involved some reporters in Baubau at 2010 (Rumah Bamboo). *If I amn’t wrong. 🙂 So, in this chance I said, “Congratulation for both of you. Happy Wedding. Langgeng slalu ya, Kakak. 🙂 Aamiin.

The Wedding

We went there when almost people have came back. We had hesitated to go there. Maybe there were no people we knew and we could do nothing. 😀 But, it’s fault. Then, we walked together along the aisle to the bridal couple sits and shook the hands to them. While my eyes was looking for Aan. “Where is Aan?.” But, I didn’t see her.

As usual, after it we had a lunch and started to find where we must sit. We got at the back. With Yus. We got a friend finally! Yeah. 😀 We kept eating and talking until our friends came. They were Pia, Valen, Atni, and Ditha. Not a long time, Aan came to us. The situation became more exciting. And we took pictures together. 😀

Taking Photos

After that, we went home, but not for Mey and me, we went to canteen in campus (so far from the wedding place). 😀 Whereas my mother has asked me to go home as soon as possible because it would be rain and the fact, NOT. Alhamdulillah. 🙂 Then, we went home. It didn’t need a long time. Be calm, Mom! 🙂

The Wedding is ceremony in which two people are united in marriage or a similar institution (Wikipedia). Emm… Anything else to write? I think, I’m blank tonight. Talking about COUPLE. Maybe because I still feel bad with that matter. I duno. Sorry for the readers.

Yup, this life is still long. So, we must struggle to get what we dream.
Mangatse always…!!!


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