FauLt (My Love Poem); BackSound: California King Bed – Rihanna. Listen It!!! :)

Yah. I get inspiration to record my voice by reading my poem FAULT and using backsound (instrumental) from California King Bed – Rihanna because I’m joining GiveAway from Kak Achmad Fauzan in deidesuriya.blogspot.com. Hehehe. Besides that, Because of my friends (Iin, Hakim and EYink). They introduced that song to me. 😀

Eventhough my voice isn’t too good, but I can read the poem at least. 😀 Don’t listen it if you’re bored with my voice. 😀

Actually, this desire has been long time on my mind but the chance is always not on me. So, this project just as an empty dream. Maybe, before you listen my bad voice, you SHOULD know how I recorded my voice. 😀


Yup. This afternoon, I purposely went to Keraton Fortress to find a peace place, besides my house. A place where I can express my self with the poem. In fact, I felt it’s difficult to get a quiet place. There were many vehicles on the side of the road, they passed by and I’m sure you know the sound of vehicle is annoying when we want to find the best place for the peace. 😀

After trying to express the poem with my style – how I read, how I said – with the condition was noisy, I’s sincere and I felt satisfied enough. It’s enough. Then, I went home, I edited the recording of my voice and the instrumental of CKB from Rihanna. Edited, edited, edited, then DONE…!!!

I hope you can enjoy with the standard quality of my voice… 🙂

Please download here:



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