The Suffering for Future

Okay. I don’t want to start this post with a complaint. Let’s start with a smile. Give a big smile to other people. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrsss!!! 🙂

This 2 Februari 2013, all day I am at home. I don’t try to go anywhere. Just focus on my proposal. How I arrange and make it by my self. Sometimes, I feel envy with my friends in other faculty. They have registered themselves for the proposal examination. You know that? It is one of a good steps again to achieve the dream. Yup, a big dream.

I’m trying to steal time for arranging my proposal, little by little. I can say that I can do nothing yet. >.< And I hate that. This struggle takes my time so much.

Maybe, today I lost the time for my family, friends, and bf. But, it’s OK. I’m sincere if I have to sacrifice my time to my proposal (red: my future). I will accept all the consequences. Hope they understand with my condition now.

*Don’t force me to follow what you want if I can’t be with you.*

May it starts as suffering, but in the end, it will be rewarded with a happiness.
Aamiin Ya Rabb.

Hwaitinggg!!! Mangatseee!!!
Hwaitinggg!!! Mangatseee!!!

6 thoughts on “The Suffering for Future

  1. good luck, it’s hard but in the end it’s really rewarding, not just when it is finished but also when you learn the how to make qualified writing and thought

  2. Keep spirit mbak Ning… You should enyoy your sunday,, maybe jogging or shoping.. I guess it will make your mind fresh to continue your proposal

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