English in Me

When I was in Junior High School at first class, I knew nothing about English. I’s blind of it. I felt like a stupid student. I was very jealous to my classmates. They had known it. I still remember when there was English subject, we were asked to write a sentence by using Simple Present Tense form by our teacher. Every my classmate could do well, and me, nothing. I was always wrong and wrong. It made me bad. I didn’t like my condition like that. So, I asked to my parents to give me chance for joining in an English Course.


My first English course was in KECC (Kendari English Conversation Course). It’s located before Laelangi Market. I joint there for 6 months. Then, I felt rather good for learning English. Then, when I was in the top class at junior high school, I tried again to join in an English course because some of my friends joined there. So, I followed them. I joint in BEC (Buton English Course) at February 2nd, 2006 and the course principal was H. Ld. Abd. Azis Hasim, S.Pd., M.Sc. till I was in Senior High School at 2009. For 3 years. But maybe, I am not good enough yet in learning English.

I like my last English Course, BEC. The condition was very different with English course before. When I joint in BEC, I felt I had nothing yet. My friends were very fluent to say English sentences and I couldn’t do anything. Just could look them, I was very surprised. Although I had joint in an English course before, I felt I didn’t have anything. My English was very weak.  But my vocabularies were good enough.

My first teacher was Mr. Acho. He was clever. He was Mr. Azis’ assistant to teach student in BEC because he could teach well. I liked him. I liked his teaching. I didn’t know how Mr. Azis as the owner that course was. I never looked him. Until one time, he changed Mr. Acho to teach us. First, I didn’t like if Mr. Azis taught us because that was my first time to meet him face to face. I felt afraid when I must be taught by him. I didn’t know I did like that. But, when he started to teach us, I felt happiness, I could laugh together with him and my friends. I felt  very happy. He taught us with love. He taught us with a joke but serious. Mr. Azis is very kind. He gave me inspiration to be a good human by his story life. Everything is very precious for me. His laughing is very beautiful. I can never forget it. I am very happy and lucky to be his student.

Mr. Azis has given me a motivation to be a good man in learning English.


And I will try to improve my English because I want to be like him. I missed everything when he taught us. He always begins a lesson with smile and happiness. I miss him so much. I miss his smile. I miss his laughing and I miss his teaching. No one can change him. He is one of the best English teachers that I have. I just hope, one time he can be proud to me because he had had a student like me. Mr. Azis, I am thankful for you. Because of you, I can be like this now. I will never forget your smile, your spirit, your laughing, and everything. I miss you so much. I want to be able to have the experience again like in the past time.

Baubau, 1st May 2010


4 thoughts on “English in Me

  1. Well, it’s carefully-written by you, Miss. Somehow, your English is improved time by time. I like that.

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