You and Me

Everything has been finished.
Although it is ended by misery.
That’s life.
We cannot be happy forever.
Sometimes we have to get pain.
For the sake of the precious experience.

And you always make my feeling be up and down.
Actually, I felt tired with these all.
What do you want to me?
You’ve stated that you could be the best. Hahaha. Time is still long, but you make it be short.
You finally give up with this condition.
You can defeat the obstacles, but you are not serious with what happen in front of you.

From beginning you want to come back to me, I have said I can’t expect SO MUCH from your rhetorics because I wanna a proof, not just saying.
But you can’t prove it at all to me.
I’m fine when you have to leave.
Coz I haven’t expected you so much since you made me disappointed.
You would prefer her than me.

I am not your doll, Barbie, or anything else of yours.
I still have feeling that must be kept to be happy always.
At least, not to be GALAU because unclear status of relationship.

Yup. Today, you want to leave me. Please. That’s your willing. That’s OK. I’m fine. 🙂
I don’t ask you to keep standing besides me because I can be independent.
I still love my parents, families, my great teachers, and my best friends.
You are not fully wrong, and I am not fully right.
Maybe, it is the way for each other to learn. Be better.
I can still survive. Without you.
Many others outside.

Thanks. 🙂


7 thoughts on “You and Me

      1. ayooo kt ketemuan mumpung msh ada waktu….
        klo bisa sabtu ini, terserah tempatnya dmn… kan km yg punya daerah :p
        skalian berbagi ceritaaaa… *seriously

      2. Hehehe. Ok deh…
        Di mana? Sy terserah sbnrx. Klo mau di rumah saya aja, Kk. 😀
        Berbagi cerita? Sy nda px byk cerita. Hehehe…
        Gimana gimana?
        Sore boleh… Gampang didapat kok rmhx…

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