At This Lane

A Fiction Story.

At this lane at the nice afternoon. From your lecturer’s house.

We walk together. You and I walk to the end of lane for waiting my friend to pick me up. We walk simultaneously. Before it, you ask me to let you bring my heavy bag.

You say, “You may not have a heavy bag like this. It is not good for you.” And I just nod. I’m speechless.

Suddenly, you hold my hand. I feel there is something fun that make me happy with you. Is it sincere from you to do it to me? I nearly shed the tear because of you. I feel it is true. :’)

A love is a story. I think.

And we walk together, our feet step simultaneously and you and I laugh and smile when looking each other.

This is nice, darl. 🙂 Do you know? This is my first time to be like this. With you.

Thank you for being my prince.

You bring me to a wonderful place that never I get before.

While I wait my friend at the end of lane, we chat; tell about the vision, division of your faculty, and about my feeling to you today. “I’m happy. Thank you, darl!” I say before we keep a part. 🙂

A few minutes later, my friend come.

And I must say ‘Goodbye’ to you.

But, you just smile and walk in reverse direction, not to look at me when I want to go.

You just leave.

After holding my hand. After accompanying me. After walking together. After steping the feet simultaneously. After you make me smile. After you make me laugh. After you make me happy.

And now, you prefer to choose leaving me.

I think, this is the end of our love. Just only at this lane. Not in other lanes anymore.

Sometimes, we have to fly, feeling freedom, love, and happiness. But, we don’t forget that we are able to fall in misery. Pain. And we have to rebuild the lost spirit. Alone. With the passage of time.

And this pain tear sheds. We are separated finally.

::The End::


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