Berapa Apa Lagi & RockTheory

Ok, this post will tell about the giveaway and I’s the winner of that.
Hehehe. I’s the winner because only me that joined in that GA. Wonderful, because it was my first time to join in a GA and the participant is only me. No others.

A giveaway that be held by Mas Ahmad Fauzan, here. Actually, I didn’t know, but he told me that there was a GA in his blog by blogwalking on my blog. So, I visited there and it’s right. By the accident, it’s about reading a poetry and I was very interested with that. I wanna I wanna.

For some days, I found the right time to read the poetry because I needed a quiet place and no one can hear me when I had to read the poetry.

The title of poetry is ‘Berapa Apa Lagi?’ That’s nice and sad poetry. Oke, maybe you should read the poetry.

berapa banyak yang kau ketahui tentang hari-hariku?
dimana detik sebegitu pentingnya untuk dihitung
juga mili per mili
melulu menyibukkan
dan berapa jauh kah langkahmu?
dari tempat semula kita berpisah
mungkin membelakangi – mungkin beriringan
tegak lurus atau hanya bersimpangan?
berapa jumlah – entah matahari terbit
entah bulan bulat penuh
atau kembang api besar sekedar memendar –
yang kau tunggu
hingga keputusanmu terbit;
bulat penuh;
atau hanya sekedar memendar?
berapa kelopak bunga yang kau habiskan?
untuk menggugurkan ‘tetap tinggal’ dan memilih ‘pergi’
tanpa batas waktu
tanpa kelopak tambahan tentu
berapa banyak lagi?
airmata yang harus tumpah
dari sumber yang belum pernah kering
untuk berapapun jauhnya langkah
berapapun banyaknya ‘entah’
dan berapapun kelopak bunga yang harus patah
berapa apa lagi?
Timika, 8 Oktober 2012


When I read this poetry, I feel ‘WOW’. Sad and touching. I can feel that how pain when someone must make decision to choose LEAVE from us. 😀 And I can’t think that this poetry will be a reality in my condition right now. Great!!! This poetry is in me. But, I mustn’t be down. Proposal and thesis are in front of you, Ning!!! *Hmmm. Curcol lageee… Sorry, reader… Hehehe… 🙂


On February 1st, 2013, A. Fauzan posted about the list of participant the GA. I read, I was still the first participant. And you can hear my voice here. Hehehe. But, the voice of the owner is better, I think. Check this out here.


And on February 13th, 2013. He told me that I was a winner. Hahaha… It happened because of the participant, I was the only one. 😀

For the gift, it was a T-Shirt from RockTheory. I was given a chance to choose a T-Shirt that I want. Awesome!!! 🙂 It meant that I would get the free T-Shirt. Hehehe… Thanks, brother. 🙂


Finally, the gift came. On March 4th, 2013. Ye ye ye ye… RockTheory from Kk Ahmad Fauzan.






Actually, this RockTheory, I will give it for someone. I have promised to him. But, because of a reason, I won’t and I can’t. Hehehe. 😀 I broke the promise. No problem. It is not important also for him. He can forget it easily. Sorry, bro. I have a prerogative for this. 😀


Narsis sedikit, gpp toh? :D
Narsis sedikit, gpp toh? 😀

Once more again, thanks Kk Ahmad Fauzan for RockTheory-nya and the nice poetry. 🙂


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