If I can be called as a labile person, I am a really labile person for this time. I know what makes me like this. Hmmm. I’m aware that I’m really really really stupid girl. Hehehe. More and more my post is only about my heart.

Yup, all this time, when my feeling has a problem, I just write, write, and write on my blog. Sometimes it’s a poetry, a story, or anything else which can make me calm in writing what I have to say. I don’t care with people talk about me. This is me.

I know that we have to post useful something for other. I think, it is done in certain time. Of course, with a good mood. 🙂 But, how with my heart which I can’t save this problem in my heart lonely.

I have fallen so deep in valley. I just can smile when I have to look up at the sky. Asking a help. Some people want to give their hands, but I can’t give my hand to help my self. And it’s useless. No change I get, No better life, No Learning I have. 🙂
Maybe for this time, I am only able to be silent, silent, and silent. How about smile? I don’t know. 🙂 I must go on, move on. I can’t give up. But, this hurt is killing me.

How can I rise anymore? I’m in a deep valley now. And now, I can’t expect too much with what I want. About my love in the future especially. Yup. This is about feeling. Feeling that brings self until we’re being old. Forever. I have fallen, fallen and fallen. If necessary, I can be in a death of this feeling. How pain I get. Hehehe. This is my risk. The older men have said to me to be careful with this situation, but I didn’t hear them. And now, I get it. *Good job!!! Do it more. :p


Allah, is there still someone for me, with this stupid girl? I feel NOT. 🙂 I’m hopeless for this. Yaaah, how poor me. This is my risk because I amn’t good yet.

Allah, You know what I need now, but You will grant for me if I worship to You.

I’m hopeless for this situation actually. Coz my own mistakes. Sudahlah. I’ll responsible with this.


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