Review: Sepotong Hati yang Baru – Tere Liye

Sepotong Hati yang Baru

The Title of Book    : Sepotong Hati yang Baru (A New Piece of Heart)

The Writer               : Tere Liye

Pages                         : vi + 206 pages

Size                            : 13.5 x 20.5 cm

Publisher                  : Mahaka Publishing

Year                            : 2013 (Fourth Publishing)

What a great book!

My impression for this book is WOW, I’m speechless. It doesn’t overdo because this is a fact. Tere Liye becomes my favorite writer after Raditya Dika because his writing that brings me into his world beautifully. He arranges all sentences into paragraphs so wonderful. I can’t deny it. He is a good writer. Sure.

In this chance, I just want to say something about this book, especially for galauers (including me). 😀 This book tells us about love. How we should face the love, whether in happiness or sadness. Some points that I can take from this book:

  • We are taught not to have self-confidence much with a man who gives us more attention. Maybe it is just his characteristics to be kind for anyone, nothing special for certain person.
  • Commitment and lasting dedication is needed to build the love. Although our spouse does something that makes us hurt, but we still keep the commitment and give our dedication to him, finally it is able to born the true love.
  • Disappointment is able to give a scar in our heart. May it can heal it, but the scar is always there. A new piece of heart is broken and we must find a new, although we cannot feel love perfectly anymore like before disappointment happens.
  • All things that we do will be useless and non-sense to prove what we feel to someone that we love because of his incredulity to us. It just gives us hurt to our heart. Yup, no happiness, no belief. So, what is the meaning of love if the belief isn’t in our spouse? NOTHING.
  • The real  beauty comes from heart.
  • Love needs sacrifice, tears, and struggle.

There are 8 stories in this book. All stories are interesting to be read and they have moral messages to us for being better one.

Hopefully, after reading this book, we become better one to do what we should do in love. Whatever its situation in this feeling, heart and love.

Keep spirit!!!

Thanks, Tere Liye for the book. You’re great!


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