I Must Be Like Them

One by one, my friends have finished their study (S1) and I must be like them. Firstly, I must say CONGRATULATION to them donk… Cie cieee, yang udah sarjana. Mangatse!!! Alhamdulillah. 🙂 Sukses ya, teman2 tersayang… Insya Allah I will be on October 2013 later. Aamiin.

After having the proposal examination on May 16, 2013.

Waiting the Call for the Proposal Examination
Waiting the Call for the Proposal Examination

In processing to get the title of degree, WOW. There are many things must be involved. Thought, Feeling, Body, Soul. Everything.

I am nothing without you all…

I wait this…


Spirit spirit!!!


After graduation, I wish I could go far away to continue the study, in order to make a new life, so I can’t see ‘you’. 🙂 Aamiin ya Allah.


12 thoughts on “I Must Be Like Them

  1. komentarnya pake bahasa indonesia ga papa kan ning?
    Semangat semoga cepat lulus dan melanjutkan lagi sesuai dengan yang ning harapkan

      1. Maaf, Mas. Soalx udh jrg ngeblog, n jrg BW. Hehehe…
        Maaf, Mas yaa…
        Oh atau jangan-jangannnn. Hahahhaa. Aduh, Sorry, Masss… Hehehe. Yg di twitter itu kan… Udh ingat… Hehehe… Gmn kabr? Hahahhaa. Bru ingat. iya bru ingt. 😀 Maaf, Mas…

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