The Change of My Blog Address

I already have a plan to change my blog address, from to I admit that the old address name was one of the evidences that I have ever been a labile person. 😀 Yup. I gave my blog the name with when it was 2009, I was in senior high school.

I don’t regret to change this address to niningsyafitri.wordpress. Although I must start from 0 again. Yup, I must work hard again to promote my blog. It doesn’t matter, the important is I have the new blog address, it was according with my name, Nining Syafitri, not Ningningocha. Right?

I hope, by changing of this address, all my galau such a labile girl will not be often to be written here. 😀 Aamiin.

Mmm, I try to write in English not to prove that I’m smart or anything yaa. But, I just want to practice my self in English writing for certain purpose. If there are some mistakes in my writing, please correct it.

Last, I’m sorry for the reader about this address change. Hope you will not be bored to visit here. :’)



7 thoughts on “The Change of My Blog Address

  1. bisaaaa…. hihihi
    tapi kemaren ga bisa lho, soale abis ngeklik link nining ga keluar halaman ini 🙂

    btw, galau itu bisa mendera segala usia kok, santai ajaa….

    1. hehe. Iya, Mbak. soalx kmrin slah setting. Tp, gpp lah. alhamdulilllah.
      Udh lama mw gnti almt blog, tpi gak pernah sempat. ditunda2 trus. Hehehe… 🙂
      trima kasih ya, Mbak, udah visit back di sini. 🙂

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