Refrain – Saat Cinta Selalu Pulang


Title: Refrain
Writer: Winna Efendi
Publisher: GagasMedia
Edition: XVII, 2013
Size: 13 x 19 cm
Page: vi + 318 pages
ISBN: 979-780-326-7

Refrain. This is about friendship and love story. This book tells about Nata and Niki that have made friend since they’re still childhood. Then, Annalise (Anna) who comes in their friendship when they are in senior high school. Nata, Niki, and Anna.

Nata that realizes something had changed to Niki. He is used to regard Niki as a boyish girl. But, when they’re in senior high school. It looks different. Niki becomes more beautiful. Yah, Niki’s beautiful. And Nata feels that he falls in love with Niki. But, Nata loves her in silence.

Niki is a cheerful girl. She who has a dream to be a cheerleader and wants to have her first love at first sight. Unfortunately, she chooses Oliver (the basketball team captain of SMU Pelita) than Nata because Nata is her friend, not more.

Meanwhile, there is Annalise (Anna). She is a child of the popular model, Vidia Rossa. She always moves from one school to another. Meet new friends and then leave them. That’s why, she doesn’t like to build friendship. But, when she meets Nata and Niki, she feels comfortable to have friendship relationship with them. And finally, she has to fall in love with Nata. Also, in silence.

How can they manage their feeling each other in order to keep their friendship? We can know that story in this book. Refrain.

It’s not a complicated story. The plot is easy to be understood. Fortunately, the end of this story is happy ending.

20072013(008)There are some quotes that I like to read them, such as:

1. We cannot force a feeling of someone to like us. We just can do to allow,  hope that he’s happy. (p.282)

2. Why it is so easy for someone to leave love for the sake of aspiration?…. Because love doesn’t want to hold out in heart of two people that do not want the same thing. Because if one of them doesn’t have an enough space for love, then love will go. (p.300)

3. There is no perfect friendship in this world. That there are only people who trying as much as possible to keep it. (back cover).

Refrain. When love always comes back. :’)


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