With Arif Zulfahri and Dianti Afrilia

Actually there are many stories that I want to write on this blog. But, I don’t have a lot of time. Poor me! Emm, Ok, seemingly, I will write the story as much as my ability to write. Hehehe. 😀

Yup. Now, I wanna tell about my experience with my juniors in elementary school 4 days ago. Let me introduce them. They are Arif Zulfahri and Dianti Afrilia. It was started when I met Arif in a popular place to eat Bakso, in Latsitarda, Lorong Taksi Lama. Then, it was continued on Facebook. So, I decided to treat him to eat Bakso, plus we met each other and I invited Dianti to accompany me there. 😀 FYI, they are bloggers, readers.

With Arif. Thanks, Diantii... :)
With Arif. Thanks, Diantii… 🙂

I think, that was my first time to meet and get along with Arif. He is taller than me, of course. 😀 Mmm… He didn’t talk too much, I meant he isn’t chatterbox. 😀 Now, he was still a student of polytechnic in Bandung, West Java. Then, Dianti is also a student of University, the same faculty with me, in English Education Study Program, Semester VII.

With Dianti

He said that he was surprised because of me. He didn’t expect that I was a chatterbox. And I said to him actually I would be a retiring person when I was with older people than me and people who I didn’t know or just met them for the first time. But, when I must meet with people who I have known, don’t be said, I’ll be like a chatterbox. 😀 Hahaha…

There were many questions that I asked with Arif. How was about his life there? How was about the city? How was about his school? His friends and everything. We shared the story each other.

Overall, I enjoyed that evening in Warung Bakso with them, my kind juniors. 🙂 That was a wonderful evening. 🙂

Bakso di Latsitarda, Lorong Taksi Lama.

After eating there, Dianti and I continued the short trip at Kotamara, Kamali Beach, and then went home. 😀

Success for your study, guys. 🙂
Keep spirit and keep blogging. 😀 Hehehehe…


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