Change the Life with Education

Everyone must agree to have a chance to change their life better. We can have a better personality, become healthier, get a better place to live, a better job, a better appearance. How can we get all? Yup. Education.


Education holds the important role in our life. Mr. Supardi said to me yesterday when we attended a workshop that held by English Education Study Program, “to change our life, we go to school.” And I realize that  it is true. There is a change if we learn/study. No learning if there is no a change. 🙂

By having education, we can learn anything, about life, self, people, and surroundings. Mr. Mario Teguh has said that “Education doesn’t prepare you for knowledge, but prepare the mental maturity to overcome difficult issues, to think logically and learn to see ‘the big picture’.” 

So, if we have a chance to get education, why not? Keep learning seriously and being a better person in a better personality. Good education will change us being good one. Right?

*Sorry if my writing is meaningless. I just want to share what I got yesterday. Yup, this is about school, about education. Hope, there is a chance to continue our study again, for a good future. Aamiin. 🙂


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