Because I Believe You

Hi, blog. How’s your day? I miss you a lot. I miss writing something here. The business in my real life needs my important attention. Sure, I do miss you. 😥 I can’t write regularly in recent days. Thanks so much for your patience to wait my writing. Even though, it’s just like a junk. But, that comes from my heart and thought. I can’t speak well, I can’t express well. So many stories that I want to say to you. But, my time doesn’t support me. But, I promise, I will tell you everything when I have much time. For you. So, for this chance, permit me to tell you something.

Ya ya ya. I have been a graduated student of university. But, my life doesn’t stop yet. This is still running towards the future. Smile, laugh, cry, worried. I get them every time. But, don’t you know?


It’s so painful to wait that ‘moment’ which I can’t predict when it will come. And I can’t blame Allah for everything that happens now, because I know, Allah can never be blamed. You are never fault in my eyes. I should give thank to You. You’ve been giving me a life. How terrible I am, if I must blame You for what I feel now.

I just want You to make everything better. For my life, my heart. Because I believe in You. I trust You, Allah. You will give me the best. Thanks for everything, Allah. :’)


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