My Students in Roebel El-Farooq

After graduation in English Education. Actually, there are many jobs that can be offered to us. Certain people have seen us when we’re still a student. They know our ability. So, don’t be surprised if they call you for doing a good job, like teaching. 🙂 For still being a student, you should increase your ability more, make your self having a good behavior, and Allah will open His good way for you to get the great future.

05122013(001)Okay. Talking about teaching, besides teaching in campus, I’m also as a teacher in one of courses, namely Roebel El-Farooq at Jalan Kelapa, near the police office. I was contacted by Miss Winda (My senior in campus, sstt, she is great in English 🙂). And seemingly, the head of that course is my senior in Elementary School in SDN 2 Nganganaumala, her name is Kaka Anggun. How surprised I am. I’ve known her. She is well-known because she is smart. 🙂

With one of students, Fifin. 🙂

I was accepted as an English teacher on November 11th, 2013. I started to teach the students in Teens Corner Class C. I have about 13 students now. First, I felt little stiff because I didn’t know what I could teach them well or not.

But, day by day, I start to enjoy this activity. I like the students. Their laugh, smiles, and behaviors make me more understand how we should teach them as a teenager. They need more love. 🙂

In teaching, we need more patience to face them. We must understand their willing to play all the time, but we must be smart to manage the class, in order to they can learn English happily. 🙂

I’m always happy for giving them a smile. But, I give information to my students, you must have self confidence. You believe that you also can do the best such other students. You have a great potency. So, you must study hard. It will be easy when you try to study seriously. Okay?

Outing Class at BRI Park, 01 Dec. 2013

🙂 Thanks my great students. I promise, Insya Allah I’ll give the best to teach you in English.


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