New Life, New Love, Let’s Laugh and Smile

Allah, thanks a lot for all that happen to me. :’)

I regard those all are as my important experiences for my life in the future. Yaps, to face all problems, I must do it calmly, full of wisdom, long-term thinking. Also, don’t forget to pray to Allah, so He can give the best way to get the right something for life.

Tear and pain are parts of the past and I have let it all go willingly. I believe that was not a misfortune, but a fortune. Do you know why?  Because Allah has shown me the right decision to be better, (if I want to change my life better.) 🙂

Many times I try to move on. Try, try, try, and believe I can. There are many changes I get after that moment happened. Allah started to give me something unexpectedly.

This feeling problem doesn’t have a book, a dictionary, and a library. We can’t find the solution in those sources. But, when we try to share to people we believe, they can help us to show what we must do. Of course, for our goodness. Thank for my best friends that want to fulfill my life, that always make me smile, laugh and believe everything will run well. 🙂 I love you, guys.

I feel that the love of Allah for me is unlimited, I feel Allah hugs me so deep until I am speechless. I can say nothing for Him. His mercy is sooooo abundant. :’) Whereas, how am I? What have I done to Him? I’m not good yet as His servant. I need more improvement in my personality. Allah, forgive me for all my fault, my sins, please. 😦

Now, I try to enjoy what I have been having now. My family, friends, my great teachers, my job and my responsibility.

One time, Allah will give the best one when I improve my personality better than yesterday. Just believing Allah for all His power.

Thanks for Your love, thanks for Your hug, thanks for Your mercy, Allah. At least, it can change my life more colorful. I will try to be a good girl.

Mario Teguh said that:

This beauty of life is your decision.

Your anger and sadness may not be longer than your happiness.


Welcome New Life, New Love.

Let’s Laugh and Smile.

Keep spirit!!!

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