Heiaa… Blog oh Blog. Writing oh Writing. Do you know? The real job makes me to forget me to write something here. 😦 Sorry, my Little Syafitri. Yaps, for this post, I want to talk about Workaholic.

According to Wikipedia, A workaholic is a person who is addicted to work. Every time is just for working. No time for wasting time for having socialization with other people. Just focus on his work. For example, this Saturday night, it’s weekend. The fact, that person just enjoys his work without caring surroundings. I read an article on internet from here, the signs of being Workaholic. I mean, the main habit of Workaholic. 😀 But, I just take some points that I understand. Hehe…



1. Only thinking for working.
Workaholic only think to accomplish his work. He tends not to have socialization with others. If holiday comes, he will not forget to bring some works to be done later. What a workaholic man!!! 😀

2. He doesn’t believe to delegate his work in other people.
Workaholic doesn’t feel comfortable to delegate his work to other people without monitoring directly in him. Even, he spends time to monitor their works that it should be delegated and entrusted with other people.

3. Forgetting other aspects in his life.
The essential priority for a workaholic is working. A workaholic can forget the important agenda in his life because he works too hard.

I think, a workaholic is always active and responsible with his working. All days he uses to work and work. I don’t need to tell other people as an example because I feel I’m a workaholic also. Maybe. 🙂 I can’t feel comfortable if my works doesn’t finish yet and yeah, I’m crazy to work. I can’t think that this is wrong or right, but I enjoy with this. All I do is for my pleasure. I’m happy with the solitude.

Let me do what I want to do.

Maybe, today onwards, I’m not a perfect for you.



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