Roasted Corn in BNI Park Baubau

Finally, I have time to write. Work makes me not to have time to write. But, actually it may not be as a reason not to write. 😀 Forgive me, my lovely blog. :*

Ok. This chance I post a writing about BNI Park Baubau. Yup, there is roasted corn in BNI Park. And that is delicious. Yummmyyy…

First, I have to tell you where BNI Park is, because some people don’t know the place. They just know BRI Park. –” Hehe… Ok, BNI Park is different with BRI Park. BNI Park is located in front of Murhum Harbour Baubau, it’s near Pineapple’s statue. Could you look this picture?

Around BNI Park
Around BNI Park

Then, there is a man who sells the roasted corn, but I don’t know his name, I just call him with ‘Om.’ He is kind to his customers.

The corn is Hybrid corn, I think. He sells a corn Rp. 5,000.00. We can eat in BNI Park or everywhere. Depend on us.

There are two ways when he serves the corn to the customers. First, just serve the corn as usual, in a complete shape, like this.

Roasted Corn Source:
Roasted Corn

And, second, he cuts the kernels corn and pours a little salt and chilli into it, like this.

jagung bakar2
Roasted Corn

And I always like eating roasted corn by using second way. 😀

So, if you want to try to eat roasted corn at roadside, please go to BNI Park. But, you must be careful, lest you get hit by vehicle. Hehehe…

Have a nice time to enjoy the roasted corns in Baubau!!! 🙂


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