The Twenty Third for Ning ‘Little’ Syafitri

Before April leaves me, I have a priceless story. 🙂 This is about a special moment in my birthday celebration, altough it is too late for telling it. Thanks for my best family and my friends. :* Hug you…

A day before April 14th, 2014, Tafry and Hikma brought me a cake of birthday without I knew. Wowww!!! Hey, both of youuuu…!!! Why didn’t you tell me? –” Hehehe. But, thanks for the cake, thanks for remembering me, and thanks for your love to me… That was more than enough for celebrating my day with you all. :’)

Cake from Tafry and Hikma :)
Cake from Tafry and Hikma 🙂

On April 14th, 2014, I thought that the day was a normal day. I didn’t think I would have a surprised moment because I saw the situation, people around me were busy for work. Also, I didn’t think about the birthday so much because I still focused on my work and my tests.

I just spent my day with having lunch alone in RM. Aroma Sedap, near the harbour, by ordering Hot Plate Mie and Hot Orange Juice. Hehehe… So delicious… Yummy. Alhamdulillah. It’s like celebrating my day by my self. So lonely. Hehe… But, that’s OK. 😉 I enjoyed it.

celebrating my day by my self :D
celebrating my day by my self 😀

And do you know? These people were successful to get me wet and smell. -,-” They put a rotten egg and flush my body with smell water. Uuugghh, I vomited to smell the stench. But, I couldn’t be angry with you all. Was that called for beloved person you love? Oh my gosh!

Team of crazy EO –“

When I turned toward, I looked there was one of you brought the tart. Hahahaha. Thank you, dear. 🙂 Made a wish than blew the candles. My wishes were bla bla bla. Hahaha. The important thing was the happiness for our life. 🙂 Semoga berkah. Aamiin.


When I wanted to clean my body, there was no water in tap outside. So, I came into bathroom and some of my friends went to go to futsal for an hour. *maybe* But they promised to come back again in my house to eat the tart together. 🙂

Wow wow wow… I didn’t think that it would be like this. I didn’t feel that they want to make a surprised moment to me. Hehehe. Thank you, my beloved friends. :’) I’s speechless for all plans you’ve made. :p 😀 *hug you one by one…

*For all friends and family who said ‘happy birthday’ to me via socmed and text message, I say, ‘thank a lot for that. 🙂 You still remember me. :’)’.


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