Long Time Not to be Romantic

My latest post is about my birthday. It’s my new age, my new life, and my new happiness. 🙂 Thanks Allah.

There have been many stories that I don’t write here, unfortunately :(. And this evening, I wanna  tell something, not for you MUST READ, but it’s about my feeling tonight and I MUST write here. Maybe it is like the romantic words, but I am not a romantic person actually. #eeeaa. 😀 I just write what I think and feel. Because of someone who has stolen my attention. 😉 ❤

And I miss you like crazy tonight.
How I can tell you that you’re priceless, while you always make me speechless. :’)
Thanks for all your love that you give to me.
Your care, your understanding, your kindness of heart, your smile, and your anger.
You choose me as one of important people for your life.
And you have been ready to accept all about my weakness.
Forgive me, I always make you angry.
I regard that I’m not a good woman for you yet. Sorry.
I’m always being silent and you’re always being chatty.
But, I always expect you can guide me well.
How I must to be, when I’m wrong because I will always keep doing the best for being what I should be, what I should do.


Your presence makes me speechless.
I only smile and give thank to Allah for what happened to us.
I feel it’s unpredictable situation because it’s really different before. Strongly differ.

I admit that you’re successful in giving the different nice situation to me and it’s better than yesterday. 🙂
Thanks, dear.

In this loneliness, I still remember you. How are you now?
I hope you’ll get better soon. :’) ❤ ({})


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