The Sudden Journey to the Pine Forest in Samparona

It happened on June 2nd, 2014. Actually, going to the pine forest in Samparona is one of desires of my friends, Mey. But, it doesn’t always come true. Yah, because our time isn’t always enough and the weather isn’t always so good. So, on June 2nd, 2014, she got it. 🙂

We phoned Athul, Daus, and Iyan in the afternoon. They agreed to go there. But, Iyhan didn’t answer our phone. So, we went to Iyhan’s house to tell what we planned . Because we believed that he was sleeping. 😀 Fortunately, he wanted, even though it was a sudden thing. 😀 All of us (Iyhan, Alam, Athul, Daus, Mey, and I) had gathered and we were ready to go there…

FYI, the pine forest is located in Samparona, in Kaesabu Vilage, Sorawolio district, Baubau. Before we are in there, we will pass a wide area that used as a venue for National Women Campsite (Perkempinas) I.

And then, taraaaa…  We arrived there…. 😀

Thank you, Iyano as the photographer. 😀

Many people go to the pine forest to take pictures, whether for pre-wedding or for having fun. Yeah, it’s nice location. 🙂 Maybe, if you live in Baubau, you’ll feel bored to look at our pictures because it’s in the pine forest. Again, again, and again. 😀 But, it’s OK, because we enjoy it. There were happiness, joking, laughter and togetherness from us. And they’re priceless. 🙂

A little crazy we did
A little crazy we did
Look at our styles. It's about self confidence. :D
Look at our styles. It’s about self confidence. 😀

How about you, Mey? 🙂

Is it enough for making your dream comes true? Or are there other places you want to visit? Tell us, before you go to Java. 😀 Ahaideee…




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