MLC TOEFL Prediction Test & Seminar Pendidikan Luar Negeri

MLC TOEFL Prediction Test and Seminar Pendidikan Luar Negeri
MLC TOEFL Prediction Test and Seminar Pendidikan Luar Negeri

There was an event on June 15, 2014 (Sunday) at La Ode Malim Auditorium Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University, namely MLC TOEFL Prediction Test dan Seminar Pendidikan Luar Negeri.The event was educative and very interesting. I think that was the first time for such the event held in Baubau. It was followed by students in university, high school, and some teachers.

It was held by Makida Learning Center. It is one of courses in Baubau, located at Jalan Erlangga Ruko Pos 3 Baubau. You can also contact it via Facebook or Twitter.

Sunday morning, I arrived at campus before the event held and met my friends. Did not forget to take some pictures with them. 😀

With friends
With friends

Before I entered the room, I had to have re-registration and got Paper List Beasiswa Luar Negeri and a booklet of Makida Learning Center.

What we got
What we got

For the first session, all participants had a TOEFL Test, it was about

Mr. Boy was still giving explanation about TOEFL
Mr. Boy was still giving explanation about TOEFL

140 questions in 110 minutes. The questions were WOW WOW WOW.. And I can’t predict how my score will be. 😀 Afterwards, we were explained all about TOEFL, how to answer the questions, tips and trick by Mr. Boy, one of tutor in Master TOEFL Makassar. He had nice explanation. 🙂

Then, we had lunch. Eating time!!! 😀 Ahaideee…
After that, the seminar was started.

The book and I
The book and I

There were three people as resource person. They were La  Ode Aroamonkdo, S.IP, M.A. (Who got his postgraduate degree in Germany), Muhammad Arham (One of students in English Literature Hasanuddin University who got youth exchange from JENNESYS), and Mr. Calleb Coppenger (the author of The Mysteries of the Islands of Buton According to the Old men and Me).

The conclusions that I could get from their explanation and moderator are:

  1. There is a will, there is a way. (Arham’s words)
  2. To get the scholarship, we must have high value and competitiveness.
  3. Of course, we must struggle to get the scholarship and survive abroad.
  4. Studying abroad can open our mind and insight. What we can see abroad, we can’t see it here (Indonesia). What we can see in Indonesia, we can’t see it abroad.
  5. There is no automatic result, it must be filled by working hard and struggling.
  6. If we want to study abroad, we should prepare our self “before the deadline”. For example, we have a plan to study abroad in 2014. So, we must prepare in 2009 or 2010. Yup, I mean “before deadline”. 😀

The closing session was giving of souvenirs to the resource persons and the taking of photos together.

giving souvenirs
giving souvenirs
left2right: moderator (a doctor), Mr. Boy, Kk Ar, Mr. Calleb Coppenger, Muh. Irham, and Tonny Feisal (Project Leader)

The last beautiful photo was Kk Cenk and I. 😀 Ahaideee….

Kk Cenk and I 😀 Thank you, Kaka… 🙂 Good luck always.



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