Studying in English Language Study (ELS) Program Hasanuddin University

As we know Hasanuddin University (Unhas) is one of the best universities in Indonesia that is located in Makassar, South Sulawesi Province. Unhas is the only university in eastern Indonesia that gets the best accreditation from BAN-PT, A. This indicates that Unhas’s achievement in applying Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi is greatly honoured, credible and has high quality.

I am one of the fresh graduates who continue my study in Unhas, English Language Study (ELS) Program, this year, 2014. There are many other reasons why I choose ELS Program in Unhas. Firstly, the study program has vision and mission to build the best human resource quality in education and research field which related to English. Secondly, there are three concentrations which are provided for students in learning English specifically; they are Education Concentration, Literature Concentration and Linguistics Concentration. I choose Education Concentration because my educational background in S1 is English Education. Thirdly, it has curriculum that provides the arrangement of the courses according to the concentration perfectly. The study program has a good system in managing the learning process to make a good output (human resource), it should also be remembered that this study program has the best lecturers who have excellent capacity in English, so it can be a positive impact for students to study harder and achieve the goals. Therefore, I feel lucky to be one of the students in ELS Program to build and explore my ability, especially in English.

Odd Class of ELS Program Unhas 2014
Odd Class of ELS Program Unhas 2014

However, continuing study in different place brings something new in my life. I come to a new environment, meet new friends and lecturers. It is quite difficult to adapt with them firstly, but it does not take a long time to enjoy time with them. Although studying in ELS Program is excellent, there is also weakness in it, classrooms. We need more classrooms to study because sometimes the classroom we want to use is clash with other classes from different semester.

In short, whatever the situation I get in studying in ELS Program is, I will regard it as a learning process in life to get better life in the future.

*This is one of my assignments in Academic Writing of English Course.
Thank you for Mam Dra. Nasmilah Imran, M.Hum., Ph.D. as the lecturer and the editor for my writing. 🙂

I still have many mistakes in writing, but I will improve to be better. 🙂

For more information about ELS Program in PPs Unhas, please visit


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