Warkop Kampung Maya

I’m in Baubau now, but tonight I’m going to go back in Makassar for starting my study (again). Because I have time to do nothing 😀 I decide to write about one of places to hang out where we can enjoy a beautiful view, some snacks, and wifi in Baubau. 🙂 Do you wanna try to visit the place? Let’s go there. 😉

Warkop Kampung Maya
Warkop Kampung Maya

It is Warkop Kampung Maya. It is located besides my house, Jalan Anoa, Kel. Kadolomoko, Kec. Kokalukuna. Surely, you can find it easily. Warkop has two little huts and one gode-gode, one of kinds of seat where people can sit on a flat board/wood while having conversation (koja-koja mantale in Wolio Language). Besides providing WiFi to browse internet (of course we must pay this for Rp. 5,000), the Warkop serves menu list to have coffee and snacks, the prices about Rp. 6,000 – Rp. 3,000. So cheapppp!!! 🙂 I think it is almost same as Wantiro hill. 🙂 Good place, nice seascape, cheap coffee and snacks. Why don’t you try to visit in this place?

*I write this post in Warkop Kampung Maya in good network (wifi). 🙂

Photos by LaKamboti Saja Dent (FB)
Photos by LaKamboti Saja Dent (FB)

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