Thanks 2015, Welcome 2016

New Year is coming. It means that we leave 2015 for every moment we had. Expect that everything will become better in 2016.

Each year has its own special moment. 2015 also has it. In my opinion, 2015 is one of great years that I face. It is such a precious life lesson. I feel that I can know more what the choice is and what the meaning of family is, and what the importance of true friends is. I feel better now. I feel I am being my own self. I have gotten myself because I can express what I want to do in my own way. This is I call as the maturity process.

Mom and her girls
Mom and her girls

For 2015, thank you for giving me a great life lesson and many moments whether it is good or bad. I cannot blame anybody for my unlucky chances I got because I believe that every attitude we do will affect our life later. Forgive me, please, for everyone that I hurt. I’m so sorry. I did not have any purposes for being a person that makes you uncomfortable whether it is intentionally or accidentally.

Welcome, 2016. I hope this year will give us more health and happiness, especially for my study. Thanks, Allah.

I hope Allah will listen and make true to my pray. Aamiin.
I hope Allah will listen and make true to my pray. Aamiin.

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