Pungopang Makassar

Pungopang is one of places to enjoy Korean desserts and unique ice creams. It is a Korean Cafe. It was my first time to go there because my cousin, Fitri, invited me to go there on January 22, 2016. Actually, Pungopang are also in Jakarta. Here, Pungopang is located in Jalan Pengayoman No. 11D, Makassar. It has e-mail address, pungopangmks@gmail.com and IG: pungopangMKS.

Here we are...
Here we are…
Parfait Dark Choco
Parfait Dark Choco

The first impression when I entered the cafe, it was so cozy. 🙂 We were welcomed by its waitresses and they said “Annyeong Haseyo”. I felt it was funny. Yah, after we chose where we wanted to sit that had an electric plug, a waitress came to us to give a menu. It has many choices of unique ice cream and desserts, but I just chose one of ice creams, it was a Parfait Dark Choco (IDR 30K) and Fitri, CI Green Tea (IDR 45K).

CI Green Tea
CI Green Tea

FYI, there were many people to come there and I looked they got enjoyment from its services by enjoying their orders. I am so sorry for this time because I do not have a complete information about the menu, but if you want to search more, you can visit its IG. 😉 And you can try to taste them there.

“A PUNGOPANG can satisfy your day”
That’s one of slogans on the wall in Pungopang.
And it is TRUE.
Alhamdulillah. 🙂



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